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Why would you SKIN your TWS?

Just like when life throws you lemons to make lemonade, make life hassle-free with some music plugged in. These little buddies we carry around—TWS, aka True Wireless Soulmate (originally: True Wireless Stereo)—can be the true love of your life. Your clumsy hands-free call bud or multi-tasking made musically, TWS got your back. They keep you moving. And now is the right time to treat them with some skins. 

5 reasons why your TWS needs a skin. 

  1. Not just the phone but also your TWS
  2. Unique skins for your audio bud.
  3. Improved grip with a textured 3D feel
  4. An added layer of protection
  5. Theft-proof (kind of?)
  1. The “Wow-Now” Moment

Imagine going out to a cafe and taking out your cool-skinned phone. Your friends are wow-now*(ing) over the skin you just flashed. It has got people talking. Feeling happy about going for skins, you take out your TWS. The wow-now moment is over now. The once stunning TWS case has got scratches all over and no-idea-how ink stains on it. Skin could do the trick for you. Be it for phones, laptops, TWS, gaming consoles, or cameras. You name it, you have it. Skin the top-notch sidekicks for your phone. 

*wow-now; so wow, want it now.  

  1. The way you want it

You just had a bad fight with your boyfriend. You are so mad at him and can’t keep calm. You grab the nearest thing you can get hold of, and that’s his TWS.. You let out all your rage on the floor, only to discover that it was YOUR TWS that you just threw. Rewind: The romantic gift exchange scene on Valentine’s Day—two identical TWS. Okay, make your fights less stupid the next time. Get your TWS skinned with the kind of skin you like. 

PS. Make sure not to go twinning this time. Stay unique. 

  1. Leave your grip size.

                         Holding it like you have a hold on it. Expensive falls can happen in the wildest possible way you can think of. Prevention is always better than cure. Just like the skin being an additional layer of protection, the skin’s texture can give you some real grip. 

  1. An extra layer, please?

It was witchcraft when earphones with no wires came. Just like earbuds that can translate languages in real time, the future holds a ton more incredible things. Let’s give this amazingly crafted little bud the protection it ought to have. Because your girlfriend is still pissed at you. Save your TWS from drops (throws) and scratches (intentional)

  1. Kinda theft-proof?

Leave out the fear of misplacing your TWS or someone running off with it.  Theft-proof (skin) your TWS with the skin you want, making it stand out from other similar gadgets. Yes, it’s no surprise that we run into people with look-alike gadgets. Spot them with the skin you’ve given your TWS. Now hear more of what you want without interruption. 

Other replies

“Why would I choose one? Because my hands are usually sweaty, and I don’t want that to ruin my TWS case.”

To keep them off the scratches and dirt. Plus, it looks super cool. 

John Doe doesn’t like when his gadgets are customized. He likes it raw! So no skin. (Alright, we hope he has all the fun🙂) 

To make it cool and also to add some grip to it. 

I skin it to get rid of the scratches it can get. I don’t want my gadgets to have them.

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