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Full Body Protectors vs. Full Back Protection vs. Flat Back

Whole body protectors, mobile skins with sides and without sides. What are they?

Full Body Protectors = We are Screen and Body Protectors

Full Back Protection = We are Skins with sides.

Flat Back = We are Skins without the sides..

Flat Back 

Fries without the dip

It’s like having the perfect crispy fries except for the dip. The hot fries calls out for you and the drools won’t stop until you have it. So are the phone skins that are Flat Back. So what are they? — amazing skins without the sides. Give your phone the makeover you always wanted to and also give it the added protection it deserves or your pockets asked you for.

Full Back Protection

When the fries found the dip

The perfect tale of the day, just the way you felt when you met our Full Back Protection — skins with the phone sides covered.  It’s a full fun-packed with the cool customization. No worries about the exposed sides anymore. It is side protected for seamless experience. But can’t find the fries now. Oops! 

Full Body Protectors

The Whopper you didn’t think you would get

We know you came for something fancy and light —- skins. Here’s something that can make you feel light and big. The Full Body Protectors are the screen and body protectors that are clear-thin which gives you the 360° protection your phone always wanted. So here is your phone big protected from scratches and marks. Now slay it like you mean it. 

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