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The everyday enemies of your Phone!

Unlike the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, we don’t have to fight the war against the supervillains. Okay, forget the MCU villains, we are all the “Hit the snooze button for me, will ya?” people here. My biggest enemy would be my phone alarm, which attacks me every 5 minutes after snoozing and subsequently making me “kill-off” my grandma the    nth time, when my boss asks why I didn’t show up for the meeting the other day. Sad. Pathetic it is. We know. So, what are your biggest enemies?

While you think of yours, here are some Everyday Enemies of Your Phone.


“3…2…1.. Ready or not, here I come” shouted Scratches. It can be never-ending hide-and-seek with scratches. Guess who won? The scratches that found you while you were caught up on whether to get a skin/protector or not. You put some cover or that low-key thing that doesn’t cover the phone sides, now the scratches ambush you in a never-seen-before-avatar — paws. Hiding from the scratches would have been much easier if you had one of that spidey-sense — the ability to sense and react to danger before it happens.  But how about hiding the already scratched ones? 

What needs to be done — Get a Screen/Full Body Protector and Phone Skin.


Imagine yourselves in a Mission Impossible kind of dust-storm situation. Tom Cruise outran the storm with a wrap and goggles but the poor phone. We wonder what happened to the phone. Nothing is just a tad until it’s terrible. You don’t notice the everyday dust that gets in your phone. It can rub across your screen and tear that protective layer on your screen leaving scratches in every impossible way you can think of.  “Duh, no” we can hear you think. 

What needs to be done — Get a Screen/Full Body Protector and Phone Skin.

Smudge Attack

How about some garlic bread? Yum-yum why not! After having some garlic bread, your friend manages to crack your phone’s lock. We know it’s an old trick in the book — simply done by holding the phone under the light and following the grease pattern the thumb left on the screen. Yes, it’s fun but stop being a victim of a smudge attack. Your phone lost its coating to prevent smudges and fingerprints over time, ergo the smudges crawling back like an annoying Spotify ad you just skipped. With a protector, you can have fewer smudges and leave the scene clear — with no traces. 

What needs to be done — You already know what is to be done. So yeah! Please get one.


No avenger could save your phones from every fall. It is a universal thing, that despite how careful we are, our phones will have that fall at least once in their lifetime. You are helpless and can’t do anything about it. But you can’t stand still and wait for Armageddon, you gotta prep the best way you can. You can bring down the effect of the fall on your phone. You can help with something that can minimize the impact on your phone. While it depends on the degree of fall, they can still save you from bad scratches and marks.

What needs to be done — It is high time you go grab your deal, before something bad happens.


Moments are hard to leave behind, and the only way to embrace them is by capturing them. What’s a phone without a good camera in this century? The phones with good cameras are divine. Capturing the “Balam Pichkari” moments and posting them on Insta was fun but not the stain that has been left on your phone. Your love for the Starlight was still new and exciting, now the Holi has it covered. At least for the next season, you can have it all prepared. Screen protectors and full back skins — that cover the phone sides as well — can protect the crucial parts of your phone from getting stained and leaving you crushed.

What needs to be done — Buy our Protectors and Skins ASAP!!!

The sleeky Screen and Full Body protectors guard your love for your phone without having to compromise the gad’s look. You can show it off with the added protection. Not your cup of tea? Then you can also go for the Skins, where you can revamp your phone’s style with the kind of skin you want. We know our skins will match your aesthetics. Try us. 

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