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When your Phone Met the Right Skin.

What are mobile skins? 

We are the Robin to your Batman.

Mobile skins are wraps made of vinyl that safeguard your phones from dust, grime, scratches, and more. Is it applied over a case? No, they can be applied directly onto your phone’s back. Why do we need skins? Save yourself from those expensive scratches  — iCare with no care  — Carrying those kitty-scratched phones around doesn’t look so cool, hence the skins are saviors. Also, it helps to grab some really good-on-pocket resale value for your phones.

Type of mobile skins


You name it and there it is. 

Give your phone a makeover. From printed to embossed and sassy glossy ones to some hot matte, you get it all. The skin types are not just limited to their aesthetic appeal, some actually have some interesting practical uses. Skins make wireless charging go worry less unlike other extra added bulks, where thicker cases can have trouble making contact. Taking the perfect selfies got easy with the added grips on textured skins. Know your device and the right skins for it. 

How long do skins last? 

Till the last battle between good and evil. 

Okay, that was an overstatement but the mobile skins can last for a very long time, without needing to be changed and sometimes even last years. There are two key components that contribute to phone skin’s longevity: one is the vinyl quality and the other is how perfectly the vinyl skins snug onto your device. 

Are mobile skins removable? 

Sad to part ways but Absolutely Yes!

Do it like you undo it. Just like a face mask, you can carefully peel it off. What’s the best part? they leave zero adhesive residues or damage on your phone’s back. Your phone looks the same as before a skin was applied. 

Gadgetshieldz Mobile Skins 

Where Style meets Protection

When your phone looks hulk-bulk protected, you may feel it’s better “light” than never.  Enter Gadgetshieldz, where the shield gears up with style. Mix ‘n’ match was fun till our users met Gadgetshieldz, with the wide range of options we have, it’s going to be an assault on their pockets.

Our Wardrobe;

  • Rustic patterns — Wood, Leather and Stone —Carrying around the classy feel is now a buy away. 
  • Neo-fashioned ones — Pixels, Raptor, Camo and Sandstone — Our skins are a vibe and now you get to flaunt it on your phone.
  • Our favorite picks — Hive, Grunge and the Fabrix —- Because we know you’re gonna love it. 

It’s not just the mobiles that can be skinned but also; Laptops, TWS, Gaming Consoles, Credit/Debit Cards, Go-Pros and a lot more. Try on our dashing skins on your device. Visit us now.

Also for easy apply, watch our how to apply videos here.

SHOUT-OUT:  To all “my-phone-has-got-it-so-wanna-flaunt-it” ones, you can still show it off without risking your pockets with our Screen and Full Body Protectors.

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