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How Our Soap Solution Doesn’t Mess With Your Phone!

Soap solution for applying a screen protector? Is it okay to apply on our phone screens? Why do I have to apply? How long will it take to dry? I can’t pay extra for it! ! You probably have a lot of questions about our Protectors and the Application Solution.

The protectors apply directly to your device without altering its original sleek look and feels. The application solution that comes with the protector is our little friend with a number of tricks on hand. Here below are all your questions and worries answered. 

1. Your phone’s got some resistance

Most smartphone manufacturers have increased the water resisting nature of the devices now, so they resist moisture penetration to a greater extent.  A few spritz of soap solution while applying screen protector is just going to be fine.   

2.  What’s great? It can be Home-Made! 

Get your Screen/Body protector and let’s do the rest at home. Start with stealing a few drops of your/neighbour’s baby shampoo and mixing it with 250-300ml of water. You will have your own application solution ready. Being chemical-free, it’s going to be less harmful for your phone’s screen. The perfect “solution” is now right at your fingertips, until you get caught for stealing.

3. Just a Tad is not Bad

Now, let’s do it right. DO NOT dip your phone into the solution. You read that right, we are only spraying on the film in a very minimal amount and making sure to wipe away the excess moisture. This helps with the application process.

4. How about some beauty sleep for your phone?

More time, the better it gets settled in perfectly. Giving the phone 4-5 hours time after the application makes sure whatever moisture remained during the application, also gets evaporated.  

Tip* : For better results, do the application at night and let it settle overnight. 

5. Dry v. Wet Application 

Imagine applying your protector WITHOUT the soap solution. Unpacking and almost a step away from sticking, you notice a little dust on the edge, oops! Now there is another! it’s your fingerprint. You start to lose your patience and go for it. It’s a mess now. DIY gone wrong. 

Now, with some soap solution you can easily make the adjustments and align it perfectly. Here’s how. The soap solution de-activates the adhesive temporarily so that you can easily slide the protectors on the phone for perfect alignment. Do it like a pro with our soap solution.

Check out the YouTube video links below and follow the steps to apply the screen protector. Have fun folks! 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZZmTANEcJU&t=84s – Gadgetshieldz Full Body Screen Protector Application with Installation Kit

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzkgRprMopI&t=175s – Gadgetshieldz Full Body Screen Protector Application without Installation Kit

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