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What’s the Matter with Nothing Phone (1)?

As we all know, the Nothing Phone (1) presented by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei’s tech startup Nothing is creating a lot of hype on the internet and in the real world. Since the keynote speech took place in March-end, Nothing has been hyping up its audience (including existing and potential customers) over social media. 

What do we know so far about Nothing Phone (1)?

Amidst all the hype, Nothing finally dropped hints on the specs of the Nothing Phone (1) on their Twitter a few weeks ago.

As per what we can understand from these, Nothing Phone (1) will be a carbon-neutral phone with a transparent back, probably giving the phone a teardown look. Moreover, if you are confused by what no chin means, it probably means that there will be negligible or no number of bezels on the screens. The best feature everyone will look forward to is the wireless charging support. They had announced the Snapdragon processor for the mobile platform, but that’s pretty much it because they did not specify which version of the SD processor would be used.

However, this does not stop the speculation in any way. If you follow tech magazines, portals and channels, most of them will tell you the specs listed below: –

  • Mobile Platform Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G or the newly launched Snapdragon 7 Gen 1.
  • OS: Nothing OS based on Android 12, no bloatware.
  • Display: 6.55″ OLED Display with a 90 Hz refresh rate
  • Camera: 64 MP/ 50 MP primary camera, Punchhole selfie camera
  • Charging: Possibly 4500 mAh battery, 45W charging, wireless charging support
  • Storage options: At least a 6 GB RAM paired with 128 GB ROM

That is all we know about the rumoured specs for now, as there is no way to tell which one is right or which one is wrong. But there’s a good chance that most of these might be accurate.

We’ll know more about the specs during the launch event on 12th July, 8.30 PM IST as per the update on Twitter a few days ago.

Regarding the design, Nothing has finally revealed the full image of the back panel on their Instagram page. 

To many people, it might not look like a transparent phone because it is white in colour as displayed. But if you notice carefully, you can see that it has got screws on with surfaced curved circuits. So yes, it is a transparent phone indeed. What we can say about the design is that it is pretty coherent compared to what we generally expect from a transparent-back design. This phone also has the symbol depicted in the first keynote speech.

What do we think about Nothing Phone (1) as a phone skin/screen or full-body protector brand?

We get chances to observe and use smartphones quite regularly. Most of the phones lay along a similar line in the context of specs and design. But since we are a brand that works in manufacturing skins and screen guards for smartphones, especially Android smartphones, our work is most closely aligned to the design of the device. Hence, we can guarantee that Nothing Phone (1) is an interestingly different-looking phone from the phones we’ve seen lately. We can’t really confirm how the performance will be as we don’t have the phone yet. However, from what we’ve known and seen till now, Nothing Phone (1) seems like a very innovative, fresh and promising device. We think it would be fun to use and observe this phone while we use it for manufacturing mobile skins and screen protectors. 

Once this phone is out, we’ll definitely be the first to launch mobile skins and screen guards for the same.

Till then, you can head to our site and explore mobile skins and screen guards for your favourite devices and stay tuned for Nothing Phone (1)!

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