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OnePlus 10 Pro: Review by Gadgetshieldz

As we all know, the forever-awaited OnePlus 10 Pro finally launched in India on March 31st and has been on sale since April 5th. We, being India’s full-time leading phone skin and screen protectors brand and part-time tech-heads, launched the skins for the said device right after the launch and; we have finally got our hands on this device!

Before we move to review the brand new OnePlus 10 Pro, we’ll list out the tech specs below for our readers first.

OnePlus 10 Pro Specs

Processor & OS

  • Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 CPU with X65 5G chipset and Adreno 730 GPU
  • OxygenOS based on Android 12

RAM-ROM variants

  • 8 GB LPDDR5 RAM + 128 GB ROM
  • 12 GB LPDDR5 RAM + 256 GB ROM


  • 6.7″ screen size
  • QHD+ Fluid AMOLED Display (3216×1440 pixels) with LTPO technology
  • 120 Hz Refresh rate
  • Supports sRGB, Display P3 and 10-Bit-Colour Depth


  • 5G compatible
  • 5.2 Bluetooth Compatibility
  • NFC enabled

Battery and Charging

  • Battery Capacity: 5000 mAh (Dual Battery of 2500 mAh)
  • Fast Wired/Wireless Charging enabled
  • Best Compatible Chargers: 50W AIRVOOC Wireless Charger and 80W SUPERVOOC Wired Charger.


  • Rear Camera
    -48 MP (Main Camera)+ 50 MP (Ultrawide camera)+ 8 MP (Telephoto Camera) with Dual LED Flash and Multi Autofocus, Hasselblad Camera.
    -4k video recording at 30/60/120 fps, 8k video recording at 24 fps, FHD video recording at 30/60 fps, slow-mo video at 1080p resolution at 240 fps, slow-mo 720p video at 480 fps and time-lapse recording in 1080p/ 4k at 30 fps.
    -Nightscape, 150° Mode, Dual-View Video, Retouch, Movie Mode, XPan Mode, Focus Peaking, Cat/Dog Face Focus, Raw file, Raw Plus file, Filters, Super Stable, Video Nightscape, Video HDR, Video Portrait, Focus Lock.
  • Front Camera
    -32 MP camera with Sony IMX 615 sensor
    -EIS and Fixed Autofocus enabled
    -1080p video recording at 30 fps


  • Corning Gorilla Glass Victus on back and front
  • Side lifted camera bump
  • Available in shades Volcanic Black, Emerald Forest
  • Sandpaper-textured glass back

Now that we have finished listing out the specs of the OnePlus 10 Pro let’s move on to unpacking a detailed review of the phone.

As for any Android flagship phone, the first thing we consider is the processor because, quite literally, it is the brain of your device and its functions and is also the backbone of everything you need in and from a flagship phone.

In the case of the OnePlus 10 Pro, the processor is Qualcomm’s top-notch chipset, i.e., Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. It is the most premium and fastest processor that is only present in 2022 Android flagship devices. It clocks up to a speed of 3.0 GHz, which implies that the phone is pretty fast. There might be very occasional moments when the phone might act a little weird when doing heavy tasks, but it won’t bother to an annoying extent. Call it a teeny-tiny, minor inconvenience, if you will. Rest assured, this phone’s performance is as rapid as you would expect from a 2022 Android flagship phone. So, not too many issues concerning the speed of the phone.

Combining this processor with LPDDR5 memory variants of 8 GB LPDDR5 RAM + 128 GB ROM or 12 GB LPDDR5 RAM + 256 GB ROM gives a very enhanced performance because these memory specs generally provide enough for a phone performance without lags.


Coming to the display of the OnePlus 10 Pro; this phone has a large screen with a QHD+ AMOLED Fluid display, which qualifies as a flagship display. But in all honesty, it’s only a flagship standard because it does not get too bright during sunlight, which is necessary. It would be perfect if the brightness scale went a little higher. The refresh rate is like what you’d find in a generic flagship phone, i.e., 120 Hz, so there’s barely any glitchy effect while gaming or streaming. Moreover, there’s LTPO in this device which makes the refresh rate more adaptive as per your activity. For instance, your OnePlus 10 Pro is in sleep mode. LTPO technology ensures that the refresh rate will automatically drop to as low as 1 Hz in such a condition. Hence, here we can all agree that this is quite power-efficient!

Regarding connectivity of the OnePlus 10 Pro, it’s a 5G phone and offers up to nine bands of 5G network in India, which is far better than its predecessor OnePlus 9 Pro offering only two bands of 5G network. It also has WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 for rapid connectivity to internet connection and devices, respectively.

The battery is impeccable when it comes to battery longevity! It has a much bigger battery jumping from 4500 mAh in the OnePlus 9 Pro to 5000 mAh in this one. It’s a dual split battery of 2500 mAh for each battery, which is power-efficient and supports up to 80W SUPERVOOC wired fast charging and 50W AIRVOOC wireless fast charging. You can crank it up to the highest quality settings, and still, your phone will run for a full day without dropping down to a single-digit charge. But yes, if you are someone who does extensive gaming, streaming or any graphical work, you might need to plug in your phone in between the day for a quick charge of a few minutes, and you should be good to go.

The phone camera is a Hasselblad Mobile Camera, and well, it is pretty good for beginner photographers. But, it is limiting in context to when you are clicking your pictures. Photos clicked during daylight are stunning and detail-oriented with the Telephoto camera. The main camera and the ultrawide camera provide great clarity in daylight clicked pictures. These cameras work well in a low-ish level of light too. But during nightfall, the clarity tends to reduce a little, even with the Nightscape mode. The front camera is a pretty good standard camera as they doubled up the resolution. There’s also a fun mode called 150° mode that gives distorted looking images with a 3D effect. Also, if you’re an amateur photographer, there’s a RAW and RAW PLUS mode for taking pictures in DNG format (can be converted to JPEG format), which makes it easier to edit not only on your phone but also in Adobe Lightroom.

Talking about video recording, it supports up to 8k recording at 24 fps which gives out good clarity output. However, the video stability in the mentioned resolution is not the best. If you want to record high clarity videos with good stabilisation, 4k and 1080p are the best resolution options you can consider. You can even record good clarity slow-motion videos in 4k, 1080p and 720p. But again, these video modes are most effective in low-light and daylight only. An additional piece of information: OnePlus moved from the Sony camera sensor to the Samsung one for the rear camera, which is a heavy downgrade.


Lastly, let’s talk about the design. If we have to be super honest about it, it does look a little…’ inspirational,’ if you will. (*coughs* Samsung Note *coughs*). Not sure whether we are fully digging the whole side lifted camera bump or not. But, it is quite interesting and unconventional. The phone shades are simple, sombre and elegant. The back cover of the phone looks really great with the sandpaper texture. The durability factor mentioned on papers should be great as there’s a Corning Gorilla Glass Victus casing. But, as tested by the very popular YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, the phone snapped into two halves very quickly! We wish we could do that too but, we gotta make skins throughout the time, don’t we?

Final Verdict

OnePlus 10 Pro is…a pretty solid flagship phone in our opinion. However, if we look at other competitors of this year like Google and Samsung, it’s not up to their standards of a flagship phone as they have really, really progressed. But what’s great is it’s much cheaper than OnePlus 9 Pro was during its launch. The thing about this phone by OnePlus is that they have put in good work on this device, but small flaws are present here and there, which is totally understandable. However, it’s still a great flagship phone and there’s always room for improvement, which we are sure OnePlus will achieve. It’s a less expensive alternative to super expensive Android flagships, and we say very confidently that you should totally go for it! As we’ve come to the end of this review, we would like, nay, love it if you could browse through our collection of OnePlus 10 Pro skins. Shades are very limited in number and you can always add a little bit of pizzazz to a flagship device. It won’t bite you, we promise. AAAAANNNNNNNDDDD, if you wanna simply stick to either of the shades provided by OnePlus, just go for our OnePlus 10 pro screen guards.

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