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Apple AirTag: A Technological Boon or Bane in India?

It’s been almost a year since Apple launched Apple AirTags for tracking your belongings just in case you are afraid you might lose them. With a price range of ₹3,190 per piece and ₹10,900 for a pack of four pieces, it is pretty much accessible for people who have iPhone 11 or higher. But is it worth the purchase in India? Let’s know better.

Apple AirTag

So before we get into the answer to the mentioned question, let’s learn better about the functionality. AirTags are coin-sized Bluetooth tracking devices that can be kept in your backpacks, wallets, keyrings, etc., for tracking purposes just in case you forget to carry these things. It functions within a short range with the help of Ultra-Wideband Technology. For instance, you forgot to take your wallet, and you’re just out getting ready to start your car, your AirTag will continue beeping, and you’ll also get a notification on your phone. So then you can just quickly pop in and get your wallet back. Also, you can see the last seen location of your Apple AirTag on Find My app. In situations where you leave behind your AirTagged belongings somewhere far, tracking is done with the help of crowd sourcing multiple Apple devices like iPhones and iPads on the Find My network. This leads us to the ‘Lost mode’, which is implemented through the Find My app to send a notification to Apple devices nearby. Anyone from the Find My network nearby the AirTag can find it and tap on it to display the contact details of the owner.

Sounds pretty cool, we know. But is it, though?

The efficiency of it is good, scary good. Because a device that is so small-sized and works accurately can quickly become a tool in criminal activities like stalking and unwanted tracking. And it’s already going on in countries like the USA and Canada. It is easier in these countries as the Apple network is huge here. In fact, there are a lot of cases already pouring in from the mentioned places. Apple recently released a statement on releasing new anti-stalking features like you’ll get notified on your phone if there’s an unknown Apple AirTag around you. And just like usual, you can tap on it to find the owner’s details to report it to the authorities. Sounds pretty convenient, but it only works on iPhones and iPads.

So, what about its functionality and usage in India?

As we all know, the maximum number of smartphone users in India are Android users. There are Apple users, and the number of users has definitely been increasing, but the number is still quite far from Android users. And most importantly, a big chunk of people among the Apple users in India don’t opt for Find My feature. However, tech reviewers have conducted real-world tests of Apple AirTag tracking in India, and well, it works in cities for sure. But the same can’t be said for the people living in remote areas like small towns and villages. So all-in-all, functionality is still pretty much a work in progress as it’s only been a year since it was launched, and iPhone/iPad users have also got to increase, which would only happen when the prices go down compared to the usual. Once that happens, we would probably see better AirTag functionality in India.

Implementing safety and anti-stalking measures are indeed pretty difficult here because let’s say someone does end up using it for criminal activities, there’s a very high chance that the victim will have an Android phone even if it’s a flagship one. Yes, even in flagship Android phones you can’t trace an AirTag. This clearly means it is not super-safe here in India because of its low-level functionality.

But yes, it’s not all bad. It’s a great device to have if you are someone who likes to keep a check on your belongings nearby. Also, it can be quite beneficial for folks with a goldfish memory who forget to carry their wallet, keys etc. It can also work for sending local couriers within a city as well.


In conclusion, to answer the question that’s asked in the title of this article, it is neither a technological boon nor a technological bane in India because it’s something that is still in fruition here. People are still understanding and learning more about it, and it will take a considerable amount of time for people to understand its functionality and risks completely.

Till then, we suggest you read more about it, and yes, if you do happen to own an Apple AirTag, you can find skins for the same on our site to add your unique element to the boring, single shade AirTag.

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