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5 Accessories you MUST have for your iPhone 11 Series

If you’ve got the new iPhone 11, you’re either very well off or you just emptied your life savings. But in either case, your iPhone 11 Pro Max can do far better with some “mandatory” gear. When we talk about accessories for your iPhone 11 series, we only pay attention to gear that phenomenally enhances the standard apple experience and doesn’t necessarily have to be the most technologically advanced or the most expensive. The most useful accessories for your iPhone 11 series may in fact be some of the simplest things you can think of.

Air Pods

Do we even need to say it? While doing away with the headphone jack was a very sad event back in the times of the iPhone 7, today’s Apple Airpods and Airpods 2 have sparked a new era of Bluetooth earpod sets. While better earbuds do in fact exist, these airpods are a good place to start if you want some good entertainment at acceptable quality. So if you’ve bought your iPhone 11 and aren’t in crushing debt yet, you should consider earbuds as an additional investment that’s definitely worth the money.

Wireless charging pad

It’s all about wireless charging these days. We can no longer truly afford to put down our iPhone 11 for more than a handful of minutes of our waking hours. Standard high-speed chargers are definitely not always reliable… unless they’re made to charge your phone faster than the speed of light. Nothing says high-speed and convenience like a wireless charging pad. The fact that this reduces wear and tear on your port drastically is something you should definitely consider.

iPhone 11 series Grips

We don’t need to tell you how important it is that you not drop your iPhone 11 Pro Max. Sure, people keep telling you it’s sturdy enough to survive a fall. You’ll find the givers of such advice strangely missing when your phone indeed does fall and you didn’t get apple care to protect your investment. This is where tactile-coating enabled 360° screen protectors to come in, with an enhanced grip that will keep your phone from falling out of your hands in the first place. These miraculous scratch guards tend to cover your entire phone to protect it from scratches. The skins from experienced makers like Gadgetshieldz even go so far as to use their proprietary technology to embed nano-memory technology in their grip-enhanced full-body screen protectors. So even if this iPhone 11 scratch-guard does indeed take on scratches, they will simply self-heal. Some people go for cases, but they don’t know how to enjoy the sleek sensation of the iPhone 11 Pro Max like you do.


If you’re someone who likes the iPhone 11 series sleek form but still feels the perfectly justifiable need for a change in style, then iPhone 11 Pro skins, iPhone 11 skins, or even iPhone 11 Pro Max skins would be the best option for you. If you’re worried about finding good quality premium skins, it’s advisable to choose from long-term skin makers like Gadgetshieldz who prefer to use high-quality 3M materials (the highest class of material of its type in the world). Gadgetshieldz skins are specifically designed to fit their designated phone, providing additional protection from scratches, smudges, and fingerprints. Many skins come with real textures that feel really great and also double as a grip-enhancer to prevent any slips in the future.

Your trusty lightning cable

The lightning cable is simply ideal for those looking for something that’ll give them a quick charge. It’s especially ideal when you wake up late to be left with only 6% charge left on your iPhone and maybe half an hour before you have to be at work. It’s only in times of emergency when one can truly appreciate the speed of lightning. You may not leave your home with a full charge, but with a lightning cable you just might have enough juice to get you through the day until you return home.

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