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Modern day iPhones with all new glass bodies look amazing, but they’re also very attractive scratch and finger print magnets. Ok, so you already know this and now you are here to find out why Gadgetshieldz iPhone screen protectors are your only solution? Here's why. All our iPhone screen protectors, including the latest iPhone XS and iPhone XR screen protector films cover the screen, back, sides, top, bottom of the phone and even comes with a iPhone camera lens protector, making it a complete 360-degree scratch protection solution. These ultra clear iPhone 7 protectors are just 0.2mm thick (or thin!) providing an invisible barrier of protection without changing the sleek look of your iPhone 8. This is the worlds finest in invisible protection.

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But don’t let the thin nature of these films fool you. These are not ordinary iPhone 8 plus scratch guard films, they’re self-healing films fitted with proprietary nano-memory tech that heals itself from minor scratches. An advanced tactile coating provides that extra grip preventing accidental falls and ultra expensive iPhone repair costs that follow. Its unique ultra-flexible properties help it cover even the most complex curves and contours of your device which normal rigid screen guards cannot. And of course, all our films are precision made to fit your Apple iPhones keeping all ports and buttons totally accessible. Our iPhone screen protectors are no longer just an option, they’re the only way.