It was an encouraging evening at the Green Room as ideas flew across the room from people with sincere hearts wanting to make a difference in their communities.  Plans were shared, connections where made and some beautiful things emerged.

Here is a small list of the next steps that people will be working on over the coming weeks…so incredible.

This list of next steps also provide a chance for people to plug in and be a part of these ideas becoming reality.  If you see anything that catches your email, please take a minute to reach out to the point of contact listed below for more information.

We also put together a short video of the first Green Room

Shear Kindness

Connecting with other Salons & Stylists

  • Fayetteville is now on board through The Parlor
  • We have short list of other stylists we are already associated with to call

Continue working with Mia Bella Salon to explore ways to fund our minimal costs

  • Donation bucket at cash register…maybe help with GNFD too?
  • Day of haircuts at Mia Bella Salon when profit goes to Shear Kindness
  • Jewelry fundraiser with clients at Mia Bella Salon

Consider expanding to other events/organizations as more stylists come on board

  • Coordination with Laundry Love Project
  • Connection to High School Proms?
    • Two high school girls interested to head this up.
    • Make-up donated from Well-Quest along with a make-up artist who has volunteered to help.
    • Connection with counselor from Fayetteville High who has been doing this prom thing for a couple of years

Point of Contact:  Brittney Moore (

Laundry Love Project (Rogers & Fayetteville)


  • Work with local resturants to host a Cobblestone Project night in which they donate a % of their profits in exchange for Cobblestone Project raising awareness of their business (already have one resturant on board)
  • Scott Page from Fellowship Bible Church would like to announce in Sunday Rogers Community Serivce and approach small community groups for sponsorship and meals

Coordinate with Good Neighbor Food Drive to bring donated canned goods to LLP to be given away to those in need.

Point of Contact: 

  • Fayetteville:  Ryan & Julie Rusch
  • Rogers:  Josh & Jennifer Arkins
  • Email:

Good Neighbor Food Drive (GNFD)

Improve Tactical Capabilities

  • Obtain city maps (BV/Rogers/B’ville/Lowell/Springdale/Fayetteville/etc) that show where subdivisions/neighborhoods are located w/in a city (similar to how a political election).
    • Look at the topography of a map…mark out subs that have participated…and you can see those that haven’t
    • Create quarterly goals to add existing GNFD’s to our base each year with the long term vision of getting all subdivision within a county to participate in bi-annually.
  • The tactic above will work collaboratively with the current spreading of GNFD via word or mouth/social networking


  • Washington County GNFD’s will occur on a quarterly basis
  • Benton County GNFD’s will occur monthly (targeting the last Sat/Sun of the month)

GNFD Brand

  • Building of GNFD brand (working with Henry to solidify/create)
  • Brand recognition will help bring in corporate support…especially as it relates to the Grocery/Can Good Match program vision

Identify new GNFD channels (execution of such being discussed)

  • GNFD Rivalry Week (example: B’ville vs. Rogers Football…big weigh in at half-time)
  • GNFD Birthday Parties
  • GNFD Golf Tournament

GNFD growth

  • Work with network of friends/family outside of NW Arkansas to help support the GNFD service project initiative in their communities
    • Portland/Tampa Bay/San Antonio/Little Rock
  • Promotion of GNFD within a NWA business…what does that look like?  Destiny mentioned she was given the green light at the hotel she works at to place GNFD donation
  • Collection center and possibly small GNFD awareness message at the hotel front desk.  Since she interacts with business travelers from all over the country…could that message be in the form of a GNFD postcard placement that could further grow GNFD nationally? 

Partnering with Food Banks and Initiative Partners

  • Work to obtain letters from our food bank/shelter partners that validate in their words what we have accomplished together with our community of neighbors
  • Homeless/Laundry Love Project – Sharing food donations directly with the disadvantaged at Laundry Love/taken directly into the woods for those living in tents?

Point of Contact:  Gabe & Michelle Rodriguez (

Don’t miss the next Cobblestone Project Green Room on March 15th starting @ 5:30 p.m.  Visit the Green Room page for more info.