Another great day at Restoration Village as a group of volunteers took an extra Saturday to put in a new tile floor in the Lodge.

It’s impossible to capture all the stories of the incredible people who selfishly give of themselves and their time to lend a helping hand.  However, these are the types of stories that seem be show the essence of what the Cobblestone Project is trying to do.

This story started a few weeks ago (actually over Christmas break), when Ryan was at the Village doing a little painting.  In passing, it was mentioned that there was a need to put down a new tile floor in a bathroom that needed a little loving care.  As chance would have it (well maybe not chance), Ryan knew he could probably make a few phone calls to help.  A few weeks later, a new tile floor. 


All it took was one person with the determination and vision to see how they could help make a difference for good in thier community around them.  A few phone calls, a few good men willing to spend a few hours helping and it all came together.  While they spent time on their hands and needs pulling up old linoleum and glue, life is shared because they become part of a bigger story.  A story of restoration and hope in every woman and child that will call the Lodge home.

Not to be overlooked, the next day after the tile was set…David & Beverly (our heroes) set the grout and all was finished. 

It was a team effort and it is wonderful to see everyone pitch in.  I sent Garrison and Jack a note that night expressing thanks and how much everyone appreciated thier labor to which Garrison replied…”they deserve it.”  I don’t think anything could be more true.

Huge thanks to everyone who made this possible. 

  • Mark Wagner & Ryan Rusch of The Master’s Craft out of Bethel Heights for their expertise, coordination and dedication to make it all happen
  • Jack Ford & Garrison Roddey to spent some long hours on their hands and knees scraping old linoleum and glue off the floor and installing the tile.
  • Spring Creek Custom Machining for the use of the tools.
  • McGarrah Carpets for their generous donation of the tile.