Flash to Story…

David Engle, Exec Director Restoration Village, sent me a note regarding a need for two single beds for a lady who was moving out of Restoration Village and into her own place with two children.  This is the amazing story because it’s people like David & Beverly that have given this family a place to call home if even for a little while.

She was in need to two twin mattresses, so we sent out a Flare.  As a result, someone was able to identify this need and donated one of these beds.  We had others that came forward with larger beds, but this family was in need of twin beds.

Here is the story from their perspective….

From e-mail message….

Recently my sister shared with me that some of the teenage girls that she leads in a class were commenting that they should just "go on a trip to New York or someplace" because there aren’t any poor people here! She was amazed at their "naivete" and assured them that there were numerous needs to be met right in their own backyard!

One of the unfortunate things about (Restoration Village) is that they are often given left-overs….sometimes the leftovers are very nice, but the majority is very old, unstylish, and dirty.

The woman, who was moving out of the Village, had no belongings. Most of the residents don’t. They come with the clothes on their backs… anyway, this particular woman is the aunt of a precious girl and boy. The parents are unable to be involved. She was finally able to receive some housing and was so excited to be moving out. She really didn’t have furniture, and was given some "hand-me-downs." When she was called and told that 2 new mattresses and sheets had been provided for her, she broke down in streaming tears and said, "I never thought I would get a new mattress! God is answering prayers!"

I think one of the amazing things about the Village is how much love is shown by people (whether its through service projects or meeting needs) and how God uses that love to show these broken women and children how much HE truly does love them and cares about their needs!!!

Thanks for helping to meet this need…amazing!