As part of The Farm initiative we have partnered with some of the area schools to provide their families who have food needs with Gift Cards to our booth for redemption of produce.
This morning we had our first family stop by to redeem their card.

As the mother was leaving she slipped me this note, adding

“It’s not much but a simple thank you.  Cobblestone has helped our family a lot through your programs – my son gets his haircut with you guys too and you always make us feel special.”

She then walked away and I opened up the red envelope that contained this letter:

“(name omitted) is a recipient of the weekly snack packs, and when he got this (Farm Gift Card) yesterday, I found the letter and card for “The Farm.”  You can’t imagine how surprised and thankful I am by this!  (name omitted) and his brother have grown up going to the Farmer’s Market with me for fruits and veggies; they always have fun helping me pick up items.

When (name omitted) was about 2.5-3 years old, he’d get baby cucumbers from any farmer and eat them before we even left the market!  Both (name omitted) and his siblings have been on WIC.  When I take him in for blood work, etc, the nurses also ask what vitamins they are on because their iron count is always good; the boys have never taken vitamins because I make sure they eat well and this card will be a real blessing for us.

Thank you for blessing our family,
“A Mom”

It is people like this that reaffirm for us that God has us where He wants us.  Your help allows us to extend these weekly offerings to families such as these.  Your help changes lives, and helps to “Cultivate a Community Without Need.”

Appreciate getting to be a small part of it,