Nine women left the salon today with heads held a little higher and a little more spring in their steps, plus their hair and nails looked fabulous!

Three little girls got to visit a real salon for the first time ever.

Five stylists served, but got their socks blessed off in the process.

They said that this was the best Shear Kindness yet and that they are so enjoying building relationships with these women!

Five shaggy little boys are now handsome little guys with a little more sparkle in their eyes.

And two little ones too young for haircuts were played with and loved on unconditionally.

Thank you to all of the hands that served to make Shear Kindness happen again!

Mia Bella Salon, you are amazing!

What an incredible blessing for you to open your doors on a Saturday to the women of Restoration Village.

Michelle Black, being able to add manicures as part of our pampering was such a treat!

Cari Platt, as our lone stylist at the Village for the kids, you selflessly devoted your time to loving on kids and their mommies through precious little haircuts.

Kristin, our fearless chauffer, thanks for getting everyone where they needed to be.

Ladies who volunteered to care for the kids, without you we could not have accomplished this day!

Not only did you show up to help, but you all brought a friend!! Amazing!

June, Amy, Alexis, and Lanie, thank you so much!

Even though you were behind the scenes, your servant’s hearts allowed some mommies the opportunity to feel beautiful, valuable, and worthy.

Even though the date and general plan for the day were set weeks ago, the details did not fall into place until the event had already begun.

Obviously a sovereign God was at work to bring heaven to earth through haircuts.

March 2009 Shear Kindness a initiative.