There was a nervousness in the air as we went into April’s Laundry Love Project.  March’s LLP was the closest we came from having to turn people away, and so we fully expect April to be a hard month and to have to look some people in the eye and tell them we could help.

So, in order to stretch those quarters as far as possible the team went to work…focusing on being efficienct with each load of laundry.

And, they delivered big time!

We handed out tickets to each family in both Rogers and Fayetteville to ensured everyone could get at least 3 loads done.  The effect was that those machines were full to the top for each load and no one was turned away.

And the end of the night, every need was met, everyone ate and we didn’t have to turned anyone away!  We witnessed a small miracle that night and those that worked through this new system are the real heroes of the night.

A continued thank you to all of those who make this possible…from the people that dig through change buckets each month looking for quarters to those who bring food and love unconditionally…you’re amazing

Here is a short recap for Fayetteville… 

Fayetteville Recap…from Ryan Rusch

April’s LLP was another busy evening as we tried to go by the ticket system. It looks as though we were going to cut it close with the funds, but we ended up having enough to get every load washed.  Once again, alot of new and thankful faces.

A family of 5 came for the first time and had not done laundry for over a month. It is easy to forget how fortunate and blessed I am when I throw my clothes in the wash. I think we were able to give them 13 loads of fresh clean clothes.

Every quarter donated is such a help and continues to provide a need for this mom, dad, and their children and all who came.

Thanks for all who came to serve. Your help and your company has made the Fayetteville LLP superb and continues to provide blessings for folks who you don’t even know.