Art in the Park


Art in the Park

Art in the Park gives the gift of creativity and self-expression.

This event aims to bring out the beautiful part in everyone. The emotional reward of utilizing one’s own individualism is at the heart of this event. The community spends a Saturday afternoon painting, enjoying the wonderful Northwest Arkansas weather, and sharing a meal. Having both individual qualities and personalities are what makes us people. Serve wishes to celebrate that with people who often times chose food and shelter over recreational activities.

“Art in the Park has been the perfect place for my family to feel the freedom to dream again.”

– Art in the Park Participant

Art in the Park

If you would like to participate with Art in the Park, all you have to do is show up at the event and check in with the Art in the Park host.  The Art in the Park host will make sure you have art supplies, a place to set-up and rest, and provide additional assistance if needed.

You do not have to show identification, share personal information, or speak English in order to receive services at any Serve Northwest Arkansas operated Art in the Park event.  Art in the Park is free to anyone and everyone.  All are welcome.


Walker Park Large Pavilion
10 West 15th Street
Fayetteville, AR 72701

First event on March 30th at 2pm & then the 3rd Thursday of each month through October

March 30th @ 2pm
April 20th @ 2pm
May 18th @ 2pm
June 15th @ 2pm
July 20th @ 2pm
Aug 17th @ 2pm
Sept 21st @ 2pm
Oct 19th @ 2pm

Since 2014, Art in the Park has served hundreds of Northwest Arkansas people create, express themselves, and enjoy a meal with an incredible community.  

If you would like to support Art in the Park in Northwest Arkansas, see below for dates, times, and ways you can help.


If you would like to become involved in Art in the Park in Northwest Arkansas, we would be honored to have you join us.  There are simple ways that you, your community, or your business can become involved in this local human flourishing effort.  


Volunteering at Art in the Park is for everyone.  During a typically event, you will…


  • Assist people check-in
  • Coordinate distribution of Art supplies
  • Provide a meal
  • Assist with serving meals
  • Visit, Laugh, and Smile


If you would like to support Art in the Park, we would welcome your participation.  


  • It typically costs $3 to $5 per participant at each Art in the Park event (art supplies, food, etc.).
  • Each Art in the Park event typically serves approximately 50 people.
  • A donation of $15 will provide for three people to participate in Art in the Park.
  • In additional to financial donations, donations of art supplies and meals help reduce the cost of each Art in the Park event.

Questions about Art in the Park?

P.O. Box 2372
Bentonville, AR 72712