I was thrilled that the Cobblestone Project Farm was able to participate in Asbell Elementary School’s intersession week. We had 8 students sign up through Asbell to take The Farm Class which was 5 days long from 8am-11am for the students learned about the principles of farming, healthy eating & how things grow.  This was a great opportunity as most of the students that attend Asbell Elementary have spent very little time farming or gardening.

We kicked off the week with Mrs. Susan Poole (chef at The Cafe, and former teacher) teaching the students about seeds, where they come from, and how to plant them. She showed them different types of seeds, and taught them the four essentials for planting: Water, Soil, Solar, Space.

Next Dr. Adam Maass talked to the students about healthy eating, and taught them all about vitamin A, B, C, D, E and K. He showed them the amount of sugar that a regular coke has, and challenged them to choose healthy options to eat and drink.

We ended the day with Emily Kaler coloring food pyramids and reviewing what we had learned that day.

On Tuesday and Wednesday the students went out to the Cobblestone Project Farm to learn first hand how to grow fresh produce. We started by touring The Farm, and learning about each row of produce that is currently growning. Gary (the Farm manager) showed the students how to properly care for the plants, and pick the weeds surrounding the plant. The students were able to plant squash and potatoes, and Gary showed them how to take care of the plants once they are planted. The kids loved being on the Farm and learning new things about agriculture.

Thursday and Friday we were back in the classroom at Asbell Elementary. The students spent Thursday preparing their school garden and planting different vegetables to grow in their own backyard. They took what the learned at the Cobblestone Farm and were able to apply it in their school garden. The students planted basil, potatoes, tomatoes, squash, onions, and okra. The Asbell Farm Team will partner with the Asbell Green Team to care for the school garden. Cobblestone is partnering with the students to take care of the garden and when the time comes, help harvest the plants!

The Asbell intersession week was a beautiful one. We were able to engage with students and help them learn life-long lessons they will be able to share with others. We are excited to continue our partnership with Asbell, and will continue to post updates on the Asbell Garden!

For more information on how you can get involved in The Farm or have The Farm team conduct a similar educational program, please send an email to Farm@CobblestoneProject.org & we will be in touch soon.