From Ryan Rusch…

Another successful night at LLP. When I pulled into the parking lot of the Britewash Laundromat, I thought “oh no, we’re not going to be able to do all of these people’s laundry.” I am not sure if the word has spread or if the slow economy is causing more folks to attend, but I have never seen so many people there.

I have noticed a few things in the last couple of months about the people who come to LLP. People have begun to open up and tell their stories. People have truly been thankful for the opportunity to come and wash their clothes, and for the first time I have heard struggling people ask why we do this and how THEY can help others.

I wanted to bring to light a couple needs….

One lady I spoke with just recently lost her job as an outpatient nurse. She has 4 of her 12 kids living with her and for the first time in her life is facing the possibility of becoming homeless. Due to the loss of her job and unpaid child support from the father, she is expecting to get evicted from the home she rents early this week. Possibly Monday. She has been frantically trying to find a job, but has run out of time. I understand she has paid the majority of her rent, but lacks $150 to get her by till the next month when she is confident she will have found work. If anyone is willing to help, she could use it.

Another need is diapers. Their are several babies and young kids running around the laundromat with filthy clothes, barefeet and soiled diapers. It will break your heart.

Thanks to Monte Ne Chicken in Rogers for donating enough chicken and “fixings” to feed all that came. It was delicious and everyone should take their family there to eat soon.

Also, thank you to all the volunteers from Colgate Palmolive and the toiletry care packs that were handed out. Thank you to Rubbermaid for donating the laundry baskets to everyone. And thank you to all the others that make this work month to month.

By the end of the night we were able to wash every load of clothes, with 1 roll of quarters to spare.

Follow up note…

We’ve been in contact with the lady mentioned above and the needs will be met.