Bedford Camera & Video Donates a Digital Camera to the Children’s Advocacy Center!


In an amazing “connect the dots” story, a “Flare” was sent out with this need. Jim Prestwood & Jeff Beauchamp (both from KHBS-KHOG TV were able to reach out to Bedford who graciously jumped at the chance to help.

Steve Elkins from Bedford was able to present the camera with additional supporting parts (media card, battery, etc.) and provide training on proper use on Wed in a small presentation at the CAC (see the pictures on the “Photos” page)

This super high quality digital camera that wil be used in court documentation of medical exams and be an incredible asset in ensuring that the CAC and law enforcement officials can stop the cycle of abuse for many children and put those responsible behind bars.

A camera may be one of the most effective tools to make sure no child is ever the victim of abuse again.

Special thanks for all that participate in meeting this need for the Children’s Advocacy Center.

They include:

Bedford Camera & Video for the donation of the Camera

Jim Prestwood & Jeff Beauchamp (both from KHBS-KHOG TV

The countless others who were put out the word of this need.