Many times, we are unable to capture the amazing things that happen at Laundry Love NWA. Currently, we operate 4 Laundry Loves in Northwest Arkansas. We have selfless families who continually give up their Fridays to help our community. Our volunteers always look beyond doing laundry  to hearing and sharing stories with those engaged in Laundry Love. When you participate in LLP you easily see the relationships that have been formed outside the walls of the laundromats. Recently, the Springdale edition of Laundry Love saw a need beyond laundry, and helped provide local students with school supplies. This story comes from our Springdale Laundry Love Coordinator, Lindsey Kelley:

Laundry Love Project Springdale serves people on the East side of  Springdale. We serve around 24 families every month, many that have students in the Public School System. The students range from elementary to high school and cover over 5 different schools. We serve among the poorest population in Springdale, and possibly Northwest Arkansas.  We knew that there was a HUGE need to provide school supplies to the families.  Thankfully, we had a donation given to us that allowed us to purchase 30 backpacks and fill them with necessary school supplies.  We passed out a backpack to each school age kid that was there and were even able to send a few home with families that did not have their kids with them.  The families were very grateful!  The smiles on the kids faces were priceless.  Several of the kids proudly wore their backpacks around the laundry mat and did not take them off. It’s such a small gesture on our part, but impacts these kids (and their families) profoundly.  We will definitely serve the families in this way every year. This was a wonderful experience for the volunteers as well!  There is nothing better than being able to witness the pride a child feels when receiving their new backpack! We are thankful for those who helped make this possible.

We know that dignity can come from  not only washing clothes, but also giving something as small as a new backpack. We believe every person, family, and  student possesses worth and when we are able to aid in this- it is an amazing experience of true community.

The story of Laundry Love is a powerful one, and if you haven’t had a chance to hear it– we encourage you to. We are honored and humbled to be a part of this larger story of cleaning the clothes of those living in poverty and converting laundromats into hubs of relief to those around us. Thank you for helping us meet a need and striving towards, “A community without need.”