Today was a small token of great beauty as we broken ground at the new location of The Farm in Fayetteville (if you hadn’t heard we moved to Fayetteville, take a minute to read our Jan 2011 Update).
Gary spent the day on the tractor turning the earth to reveal some very fertile land.  We added a little bit (okay, really 12.5 tons) of lime to raise the pH level.

In the coming week or so, we’ll be planting our first crops (potatoes) and anxiously awaiting the last frost.  Spring is on the way!

Huge thanks to the group of volunteers last Saturday who helped clear some of the land to prepare for today.  We are so excited by all of the opportunities that are presenting themselves through The Farm and we should have the seasons Volunteer opportunities posted on the website early next week.  So, check back if you would like to spend a little time at The Farm this year.

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