Thanks to some incredible volunteers, a few chainsaws and a little gasoline…Feb 7th & 8th’s NW Arkansas Ice Storm Clean-up was incredible.

There are some sore backs and arms out there today…

It’s truly amazing to see how many people have a sincere desire to help their neighbors and make a difference.  It’s also a great reminder that when people understand the context of the need and have a common experience to work within, nothing is impossible.

Here are a few stories from this past weekend’s clean up that were especially great.  These are best told by Scott Page whose initiative was the catalyst in coordinating the weekend’s events.

In Scott Page’s words…

I wanted to share about a couple of the people we were able to help this past weekend, through the process of cleaning up the storm.

The first is one of the sweetest women in our church “Ms. Dorthy”.

I got to know Ms. Dorthy through the passing of her husband Bud.  When Bud went to be with the Lord, Dorthy ask me to perform the service, it was my first funeral.  Dorthy has a very special ministry at our church – she prays for our elders as they meet, she a part of a prayer team that meets weekly.

What she can’t do physically she truly seeks God’s help spiritually. This past week she needed physical help and didn’t know how she would get her yard taken care of.  It was such a blessing to her, when 25 strangers showed up, and took care of the mess in less than an hour.

Another story is a direct product of the relationships that are built at Laundry Love Project on a Friday PM.

We met Michelle at the Rogers LLP last month, and she came in again this month.  Through building trust and a relationship, she told us that she had been with out power all week and had a big lot with a lot of trees down.

Out of the eight properties we did in Rogers on Saturday, Michelle’s was by far the biggest and had the most trees down. There would have been no way she could have taken care of these needs on her own.

However once a community of people came together to seve this woman, her needs were met in under an hour.

In closing, these were all people that when the day began, they did not know each other.  However, by the end of the day they had shared experiences, shared food, familes had shared memories, and because of this day, lives were impacted and relationships were deepened.



It’s amazing to see how an ice storm can be a tool to be used to show that people matter, a community can be built and needs can be met.

Beautiful stories…