Hey all!

A lot of great opportunities have come to us for the Christmas Season, some we have committed to, and some we have had to decline. With that said though, we are partnering with some really great places and programs to continue loving on people and families! We are going to be partnering with a few local Elementary and Middle school families, 7Hills Homeless Shelter, NWA Hope Center, and of course, Laundry Love!

This is our needed list of items within the next few weeks!

15 full size bottles of shampoo/conditioner

75 bars of soap

250 200 tubes of toothpaste (adult)

50 tubs of toothpaste (kids)

90 women’s shaving cream

175 men’s shaving cream

120 men’s deodorant

300 packages of wipes

100 75 chapstick

100 80 pairs of adult socks

200 150 120 pairs of gloves (men’s and women’s)

300 275 winter hats (men’s and women’s)

310 combs

300 cans/pouches of tuna

300 peanut butters

500 475 400 packages of ramen noodles

1000′s of 500 cough drops/vitamin c drops

As for drop off locations: shoot us an email at info@3bagsin2days.org to schedule a meeting time!

Thank you guys for all that you have done for us! I hope that you will take a second and see if supporting us this Christmas Season would be possible!!

-The 3 Bags team!

*p.s.- we still have t-shirts and window decals available!