May 27th

Mike receives a call from Mark Schatzman & Rodney Holmstrom that a couple is wanting to donate their store’s remaining inventory of clothes, shoes, accessories, toys, etc., and they were wanting to know if anyone could help distribute to some local organizations. Of course, we jumped at the opportunity to be a part of such an incredible story. Little did we know how amazed and overwhelmed we would be.

May 30th

We start scrabbling to coordinate the pick-up and realize we’re short on vehicles that can handle this much.

Pat Moore coordinates with Lindsey & Associates for the temporary use of one of their trucks for our pick-up the very next morning.

May 31st

8:30 am – Mike & Corrie Rusch, Jim Prestwood, Gabe Rodriguez, and Topher Moore are off to Mulberry, Arkansas to pick-up the clothes

10:00 am – Arrive in Mulberry and meet Gary and Leigh Ann who are donating the clothes. Wonderful people with an amazing heart to help those who are in need. I wish we could have stayed there with them all day.

1:30 pm – Arrive back in NW Arkansas and now we need some storage because there was a lot more than we had expected. Thanks to Stor-Mart for letting us rent a quick place at the last minuted. Thanks to Michelle Prestwood and Orion Edens for helping us unload.

3:00 pm – Have to finish for the day…we’re exhausted!

June 3rd

We need some more help to inventory, sort and distribute the clothing donation! Mark Schatzman again helps us with connecting us with some great people who also want to help (David and Jean Henderson)

We were also able to send out a message to our Cobblestone Project group on and Ryan & Julie Rusch were able to jump on board.

June 6th

8:30 – Time to sort! Thanks again to Stor-Mart for letting us spread out!

Here’s what we did. We created 1 “outfit” out of 1 top and 1 bottom and then took 5 “outfits” to create a “set”. Each “set” was designed to be given to one person.

Once we were done, we had 170 “sets”! That’s over 800 outfits! Know what’s better than that? It was only the summer clothes. We didn’t have time to do the winter clothes. More fun to come.

While we were sorting, someone was able to stop by and pick-up clothes, shoes, and some household stuff for the single mom and son who lost everything in a fire a few weeks ago (this was a posted “Flash” and the needs are being taken care of).

11:00 – We’re ready to start distributing.

1st Stop – Benton County Women’s Shelter

2nd Stop – Restoration Village & Children’s Advocacy Center

3rd Stop – Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter

We had the perfect number of volunteers to help us inventory, sort and distribute the clothes.

Thanks to everyone who was involved through this process. In total we estimate there were approx. 200 people that were served or took part in this event. All because of the incredible heart of Gary and Leigh Ann. They are our heroes!

We still need to inventory, sort and distribute all of the winter clothes, so let us know if you’d like to help and we’ll have another incredible day in the not too distant future.

Thanks to…

Gary and Leigh Ann, Mark Schatzman, Rodney Holmstrom, Gabe & Michelle Rodriguez, Topher & Brittney Moore, Pat Moore, Gregg & Kathy Rusch, Jim & Michelle Prestwood, Ryan & Julie Rusch, Orion Edens, Derek & Renee Ceola, Jacob & Emily Kaler (Andrew, Sara and Katie), David & Jean Henderson, Mike & Corrie Rusch, John Michael Rusch, Lindsey & Associates, Melanie Allen via Disney Consumer Products, Stor-Mart (Please forgive me if I’ve missed anyone).