As 2010 comes to and end, we wanted to pause for a moment to reflect on just what an incredible year it was. We want to say thank you to everyone who loaded dirty clothes into a laundry machine, dug their hands into the soil, stirred a pot of soup, hauled a mattress for a new home, swept the floor at the DC, packed a toothbrush into a bag, picked up frozen boxes of chicken, cut wood for heat, snipped a lock of hair and who sat and listened to the thousands of stories that people in our community had the opportunity to live.

None of this is possible without you, and because of you our community is a better place. We hope that 2011 begins with a renewed drive to meet the needs of our community with a light that can only be explained on the other side of heaven. May grace & peace fill your homes this holiday season. Thank you.

Click to download:  Cobblestone Project 2010 Year End Update