It was another wonderful evening in Fayetteville for Laundry Love Project (LLP). The number of guests continues to increase (and it’s becoming hard to keep track of them all).

For December, we estimate approx. 60 guests and over 140 loads of laundry, but that’s not all…

An unbelieve thank you goes out to the Fellowship Bible Church Community Group from Bella Vista (Moores and Arkins), that provide fresh, hot pizza for everyone! It was a lot of pizza and it didn’t take long before it was all gone! Additionally, they donated a lot of men’s, women’s and children’s winter coats that were very well received on a very cold December night. There is just something about warm clothes and hot food that changes everything about the atmosphere. When a meal is shared, life isn’t far behind.

A big thank you to Panera Bread Company in Bentonville that donated all kinds of bread and pastries that the guest were able to take home with them. Next time you’re in Panera, don’t forget to give them a big thank for supporting LLP and The Cobblestone Project.


On a personal note, we’ve started to see a small shift in the make up of our guests. As the nights have gotten darker earlier and the cold becomes colder, we’ve noticed that many of our homeless friends have not been at LLP. Some of these friends have told us that as it becomes colder, they head south for the winter but they will return when spring comes.

Despite this, the number of guests at each LLP continues to grow. It’s our expectation that come spring, when our friends return, the need each month will become very large. In order to prepare for this, if anyone is interesting in serving there are basically fours ways to get involved…

1. Come and volunteer to serve. We’ll need to know before you come to make sure we don’t overwhelm anyone, but we can find a home for you to be involved (Rogers is also starting up in Jan).

2. Help by volunteering to provide the meal for the LLP evening. It’s takes a bit of effort to bring it all together, so every crock pot helps.

3. Help us gather quarters. It’s not cheap to do laundry for 60 people, but the reward is priceless

4. Donate laundry detergent, fabric softener, bleach, etc.

If you’re interested in helping, please shoot a note to and we’ll be in touch shortly.