On behalf of the many people & organizations that have made this possible, it is with great joy that we share Don’s story from hopelessness to hope.

Don’s story still has many roads left to walk that will not be easy; however, he can now take that “next step” with a roof over his head and a community in support.

Our Step is a collaborative partnership with the University of Arkansas Community & Family Institute, Seven Hills Homeless Center, Samaritan Community Center, NW Arkansas Women’s shelter, the Cobblestone Project and the NW Arkansas community.

The Our Step initiative came to life out of the story of 1,287 in June 2009 & the visit of Mark Horvath, founder of InvisiblePeople.tv, to NW Arkansas.  We are forever grateful.

This story was made possible by the tireless efforts of so many and funding from the University of Arkansas Community & Family Institute and the United Way of NW Arkansas.

The Our Step initiative receives no federal or government funding & is only made possible because of the generous hearts of our community to understand needs and meet those needs in a way that works towards solutions.  You can be a part of the future stories to be told by donating household items, preparing meals, fulfilling the needs of those placed into the program once they move into permanent housing or by financial donations.

There are many more people in NW Arkansas with stories just like Don’s, and through efforts like these we can bring them home.

Thank you to our incredible community!