In November 2009 a $5,000 collection was given during one service by the people present at The Well (part of Fellowship Bible Church).  The money given was collected in order to support the on-going work through Faith Victory Kenya.
Today, not one water project, but two water projects have been completed, and there are literally thousands of people every day that now have clean water.  Countless lives have been saved through something that most of us take for granted.

Here is the story & the result…

From Richard Cazell to the people of The Well

The two projects The Well made happen were:

  • Provide a “spring well” giving a continuous clean flow of protected, non-contaminated water at the huge open-air marketplace in Kisii, Kenya.  This source serves hundreds of people daily, and thousands of people at least twice per week when the full blown market with all the area vendors are there (Wednesday, & Saturday-Sunday).  ‘
  • Provide a second “spring well” giving a continuous clean flow of protected, non-contaminated water at a village 15 km from downtown Kisii, which supplies 2,000 people daily.

There were initially very focused hygiene training groups when both wells were opened, and continues to be weekly follow up training.

The impact of the money provided by The Well has so far surpassed what I initially expected to happen, that I can’t really describe adequately in words.  To say God’s kingdom has expanded because of this is to cut it way too short, because there is simply no telling how far into the future the impact will continue.  The people who have already been spared from water-borne disease are too many to even know about.


NOTE: Projects were completed through Byron Phillips, the “boots on the ground” guy from South Carolina for Grace-Connection ( .  Byron is the man we met in Kisii, and he is a “Kingdom Gorilla”… all about whatever needs to be done in a way to get others into the Kingdom.

Dated:  Aug 12, 2010


I sent you our updated newsletter and wanted to add this information for you and the church.

Everything is coming together to start protecting the new source.  Our plans are to begin next Wednesday August 18th.  We have some initial things needed such as testing of water at the source.  We will be doing this test before and after to confirm improved water conditions.

Yesterday Pastor Daniel and I meet with the local school board, chief of the community, and District Environmental Officer to discuss the source and come up with an agreement between them and us.  They are working on the agreement and are excited to have the source protected as well as teaching of hygiene practices.

I will keep you updated on progress with photos as well as how much we will have for the other water project with Pastor Daniel.  Daniel is and has been a tremendous asset to the advancement of the vision of providing clean drinking water.

Thanks and blessings,


ps:  We hired Beatrice as a new hygiene trainer as you see in the photos.  She is doing a great job.

Dated Aug 18, 2010

Hello Richard,

We began work on the new Kisii source yesterday.  Here are a couple of photos of the drainage field being prepared.  There is a lot of drainage around this source especially from another source at the primary school as well as drainage when it rains.  We want to make sure that water flows quickly away from the source.  Also this drainage water is used by ladies for washing clothes so we are working to make this a better area for washing.

We have also begun Hygiene Training that is being received well. Beatrice is doing an exceptional job.

Thanks and many blessing,


PS  Will continue to send regular photos as we progress

Dated Aug 19, 2010


A couple of photos of the new source.  The 3rd photo is of Pastor Daniel mixing cement.  He is such a hard worker and tremendous blessing and a good friend.


Dated Aug 21, 2010


Spring is now protected so that people now have clean water.  We are not finished as you can see by the photos as steps to be added, drainage to be deepened, pathway cleared.  Many people coming to the source and asking loads of questions.


Dated Aug 26, 2010


Here is a photo of the newly completed spring.  The only thing remaining is painting and will be done soon.

The numbers are increasing daily usage as the word gets out.  The Hygiene Training team is also going around and announcing.  Hygiene Training will continue for a few weeks.  Pastor Daniel is so happy as this is an area near the church.

We also started on the new spring today.  17 volunteers worked all day (this is a record and miracle for us), cooks showed up and prepared meal on site.  Choir from church began to sing before 2:00 which drew around 70 people for Hygiene Training.  I will send photos of this project soon.

Blessings and many thanks for your assistance in making this possible.


Dated Aug 28, 2010


Springs are constantly flowing unless drought stops them or rains creates and increased flow.  This one has been flowing strong for many years and never dried up


Dated Aug 31, 2010


Here are photos of the progress of the 2nd protected spring that will serve over 2,000 people


ps Great participation from the community

Dated Sept 2, 2010


New photos of completed source with Hygiene Training.  Enjoy.


Dated Sept 3, 2010

Photos of completed GC source #2

I asked today when taking photos, “do you notice a difference in the water?”  The people said the water has never tasted this good as it taste sweet

Few more details re: these two wells…

Does this spring well consist of any underground piping?

No, there is no underground piping.  There are what we call eyes of water that are pressing from water storage tanks that are either rock
or sand being forced our by pressure or gravity.

Is there any sort of filtration that occurs?

Filtration normally occurs naturally in the ground.  The problem that exists above ground is contamination from sewage, fecal contamination
by either human or animal.  Unless a open spring is closed and protected then humans and animals will contaminate most often through
lack of knowledge.    Our filter system is concrete/stone constructed tank.  All materials are cleaned out such as mud, small stones, roots,
grass and any other contaminants.  We then place small and large stones filling the entire tank.  Then we shock the system with
chlorination for proper killing of all disease and bacteria.  Then the top is closed with plastic and a 6 inch soil covering.  When this is
done properly and regular inspections disease such as typhoid, amoeba, cholera and dysentery cease to exist.  Unprotected sources always have evidence of the above especially typhoid.

Does protection from animal contamination exist through its positioning/location?

We install steel post and barbed wire to protect the source as well as ongoing Hygiene Training to give emphasis of protecting your clean
water source as well as regular check ups.  Also we have dug drainage all around especially at the top of the source so that rainwater will
flow away from the source as this can be a major source of animal contamination.

What exactly is the fencing about in the left-hand picture?

Explained above as well as keeping animals and humans from steeping on the tank as the tank can be damaged.  Some organizations seal the top of the tank with concrete.  We do not so as to be able to do maintenance when needed as sometimes roots enter the source and it
must be cleaned out.  The top portion of the tank is heavy poly plastic covering with about 6 inches of soil.

A 6 gallon bucket will fill up within 20 minutes at this source.

People are hearing about this clean drinking water source and flocking in from all over.  1,000’s will use this source daily.  Many are now
healthy and not suffering from preventable water borne diseases.  Most important uncounted numbers have not died from preventable water borne disease in the short period of time the source has been protected.

Thanks so much for allowing Grace-Connection to serve you and the people of Kisii

If you would like to learn more about how you can support Faith Victory Kenya, please visit the intiative page for more information.