We were alerted to some big needs of a family here in NW Arkansas that could use some help (actually, they could use a lot of help). If anyone that receives the message is able to help, there are instructions below.

The message came through

  • Autumn Manning (autumn@themaccinitiative.org | 479.236.2698)
  • Lisa Cabeldue (lisacabeldue@gmail.com | 479-685-3662)
  • via a local school counselor (we can provide contact information if needed)

Here is original note that I received regarding the family situation.


Dear Lisa,


Thank you so much for this opportunity.


We have a family of five children who have been taken in by an elderly relative because there is no one else in the family willing to take on such responsibility. The children had drifted in and out of foster homes in the past and were about to go into long term foster care. This elderly family member agreed to take them because they were going to have to split up the children in order to find placements for them. She couldn’t deal with the fact that they have lost their father (death) and mother (incarceration) and would now lose each other. Because she took the children voluntarily, she receives no aid to care for the children as other foster families would. This is what she said to me soon after taking the children, “I was sitting here at my home alone, wondering what I would do with the rest of my life, when I received a call from a children’s advocate of the court, asking if I would take the children. I realized that this is what God’s purpose is for me.”


The challenges have been many, as her home was not equipped to handle so many young children. She has been sleeping on a porch covered in tarps so that the children could have the bedrooms. The children came to her with many challenges behaviorally and socially and have changed greatly after being placed with her. She has been ill lately, but she doesn’t complain. she tells the children that as long as she is still on this earth, they will be together as a family. As far as I am aware, she subsists on social security and any help that she can get as far as food stamps etc. The children come to school clean and fed, but I know that she worries about them having enough food. The seven year old boy recently told me that his dream would be for the family to get to go to Chucky Cheese. We do as much as we can for her here at school, but realize it is only a fraction of the help she needs.


There are 5 children all under 10 years old.


These are people who appreciate any help they receive. I thank you so much for considering them for this generous opportunity.


From (name dropped)




Here is how you can help.


Clothing donations are being coordinated by Old Navy in Fayetteville (click for map location), so please drop off all items there and tag them “One & a Million Family“. Also, Lisa is available to pick them up if needed.


Here are the needs:

  • Clothing & Coats
    • 2 Girls pants size 8, shirts size 8 – 10 & coats size 7-8
    • 2 Boys pants size 8 and shirts & coats size 10-12
    • 1 boy pants size 6-7 and shirts/coats size 7-8
  • Shoes (requested velcro because still have trouble tying shoes)
  • Food
  • Educational type toys and specifically requested flash cards because a couple of the children have learning difficulties.
  • Shoes
    • size 61/2 women’s
    • size 4 girls
    • size 3 girls
    • size 2 boys
    • size 2 boys
    • size 3 boys
  • cookware
  • towels
  • laundry soap
  • toiletries – especially toilet paper
  • rugs of all sizes
  • mattresses – they have some, but they aren’t in great shape, twin and full
  • smoke detectors
  • 2 chests of drawers (one already donated)
  • children’s books and art supplies
  • carpeting for the bedrooms

Financial donations can be handled in two ways:

  1. Give $ direction to Lisa Cabeldue (lisacabeldue@gmail.com) for her to give $ to family.
  2. Donate via Cobblestone Project Store “One & a Million Family” and 100% of funds will be passed through to this family
    • You may also email Lisa Cabeldue (lisacabeldue@gmail.com) to indicate you have made a donation.


Update Oct 11th

  • Lisa made visit out to family and added some things that are needed
  • NWAMotherLode.com is going to help spread the word on the needs
  • Let us know if you can meet on of the needs and we can cross it off the list to prevent duplication (email mike@cobblestoneproject.org)

Update Oct 12th

  • Thanks to Mary Marsh at KFSM/Channel 5 news for sharing the story. Here’s is that news reports.


You can read find the story at “Grandmother Adopts Five Grandchildren But Sleeps on Porch

Update Oct 14th

  • need for coats, jackets and educational materials met
  • one dresser donated
  • clothing coming in…still a need.
  • Cookware donated
  • financial donations coming in…still a need.
  • Meeting tonight at HarBer High School tonight at the Botanical Gardens at 5:30 to determine some next students students can do.

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