Last week we had the incredible opportunity of distributing over 250 of our hygiene packs at the 2011 Hope Event in Fayetteville. The event was aimed at being a connection for the homeless (specifically) veterans and lower-income families to the resources available to them in the community.

Every possible resource was present and encouraging those who came through. The free resources that were distributed included:: clothes, tents, blankets, hygiene packs, hair cuts, dental/medical exams…and so much more! It was simply incredible!

This might have been one of my (Chloe) favorite “bag events” yet. It was a truly humbling experience to talk with men and women who have risked their lives for us and our country and now, they literally have nothing.

We laid out 3 posters that were all entitled “One Thing I Would Tell the World is…” We encouraged people to write down one thing that they would tell the world if they had the chance. It could be something funny, serious, a word of encouragement..whatever! The responses were overwhelming! It truly was giving people a voice who far too often feel voiceless and unheard.

One of the first responses someone wrote down said, “I keeps it gangsta.” We started thinking….oh boy, this is not going in the direction that we had hoped for. But as more and more people started writing down what was on their hearts and signing their name with it, the responses became more and more beautiful and overwhelming”. It is truly catching a glimpse into someone’s life. Some were hard to read and process, others were beautiful and enlightening. Every response is treasured. A few of them were::


“I keeps it gangsta”- Landon

“We are all one paycheck away…Lord, be with us all.” -Spencer

“Homelessness ISN’T helplessness”-MJ

“Be who you are no matter other’s perception of you. Love thyself.” -Stormy

“There is no test of love except the passage of time.” -A.N.

“World peace begins at home.”- Jeri

“No matter how hard life gets, never give up ‘cuz if you do, you might miss some opportunities to better your life!” -Andrea

“Don’t take things or people for granted, each person we meet impacts our lives.” -anonymous

“God DOES love us!” -Brandie (think about this one…not “God loves you” but “God loves us”…one word changes everything.)

“Poor people matter too!” -Karla

“Thanks for being an upside to an otherwise downside experience. Homelessness is such a sever turn of events. I am certainly glad that you all were here. Thanks!” -Cindy



humbled and moved,