January’s Laundry Love Project Fayetteville was amazing…but that goes without saying at this point.

While still a busy night, the evening was little calmer than previous month’s. Our hope is that this month, maybe…just maybe, things are looking a little brighter for our friends that have been coming in the past. However, still some new faces and the calmer atmosphere gave us the opportunity to spend a little more time talking as we fed those machines a large portion of quarters.

Huge thanks to all the volunteers to came to help! A group of volunteers from The Grove in Fayetteville has been an incredible help in making LLP go so smoothly and we are so appreciative that they will be hanging around for some time to come; not to mention they can pull together some great soup to feed everyone!

It was a great night and we can’t wait until next month. If you’d like to get involved, there are so many ways to include providing the meal for the evening, helping feed the machines those quarters, providing laundry detergent, donating coats, socks or blankets, donating new laundry baskets (as many guests don’t have them), etc. Just shoot a note to llp@cobblestoneproject.org and we’ll get in touch.

Thanks again to everyone that made this night possible, and please know that there are many people “behind the scenes” that we couldn’t do this without. Including the parents and grandparents that stayed home to watch kids so we could come (thanks mom & dad).

Rogers LLP starts on Jan 9th…incredible stuff!