Hey friends!

We just wanted to share with you guys the latest happenings with us and the Joplin relief efforts! We have a way into Joplin on Wednesday with another group from NWA!

Just a note:: this is just the beginning of the efforts, we know this is a long process and needs will be continuous, we just would like to do what we can being that basic necessities are our speciality.

Our plan?

Tuesday night:: PACK BAGS!! We will be packing bags at The Belford Group at 5 pm. The address is 2175 Stone Chapel Lane in Fayetteville. *the bags will be a “mini” version of our normal bag. they will not have everything a bag typically has, but will contain most items!*

Wednesday:: Load up and head out in the morning! We will be heading to a high school and starting there, then we will spread and go where needed.

Be looking out for tweets, posts, videos…etc.

Thank you so much for the support and feel free to get your pack on tomorrow night!