so, as I have posted a few times over the past couple days, the camp is gone. the police raided tons of camps in Fayetteville over the weekend, arresting people and destroying camps. I knew I had to go check on my friends. I was anxious as to what was going to be seen.
it was as bad as I was expecting. 3 people out of the almost 15 remained. the rest had packed up and moved on, as they had done many times before. no goodbyes, no last hugs, no clue where they went to.

the last 3 were leaving the next morning right before the police were coming back to “make an example of whoever is left.”

the land they have been staying on is under dispute between the bank of the ozarks and the u of a. both places have been sending people out with cameras and our friends have been made a show of. no respect, no nothing. makes me so sad.

they were over the property line by about 10 feet. they had permission to be on the front part, the back is under dispute. but with everyone coming lately and the cops doing what they have…they are moving on.

it was hard to see a deserted camp. it was like losing 10 best friends all at once. it was hard not knowing where anyone went off to. some stayed, others went far away. so much time was spent there, so many stories, meals, tears, laughs…so much shared everything over the past 7 months.

we would go out every Tuesday and Thursday night. we were expected and loved, cherished and hoped for.

it was always humbling to be out there, and every-time we knew that that time could be out last. every second spent out there was a blessing.

I cannot communicate how it blessed me to play a small part in their journey through life. I pray that the Lord uses the work we did and the friendships we made to bring Him glory.

one of my biggest prayers is that wherever their paths lead, they find new “Tuesday/Thursday friends” who will walk with them, love them, and encourage them through this. that their new friends will somehow show them that there is so much more to life and that dreams really do come true.

my dear friends, you are already missed. so much.