We are officially announcing that Sam, one of our incredible team members, is moving to Wyoming! We are wishing her nothing but safe travels and the best of luck! Here are some final thoughts from her as she has set off for this wonderful journey!

“In less then a week I will officially be moved and settled in to my new home, Wyoming! A few months ago I decided to go to school at Central Wyoming College. After doing a lot of research on outdoor education programs I stumbled upon CWC and fell in love with the school. I’ll be getting my associates in Outdoor Education and Leadership. I’m going to miss a lot of things when I move; family, friends, familiar places, Hobbs and definitely 3b2d. 3 Bags in 2 Days has made such an impact on the last several months of my life. I’ve met so many amazing people and experienced life changing events. Laundry Love introduced me to a need most of us don’t even realize NWA has. I also made so many great friends by taking trips to the Samaritan Community Center. 3b2d even helped play a role in the road trip Lexy and I took in August, Trek Across America. Because of all of these events and places I have been forever changed. My heart has grown and my eyes opened. I can only pray that this sticks with me in all of my adventures to come. Once I’m settled into Wyoming I want to become involved in the community there and when I do I will take everything I’ve learned from 3b2d and apply it. Thank you everyone for always supporting us and playing such a huge role in our lives!”

We will miss you, Sam!

Chloe, Lexy, Ashley, and Brittany