The impact of Laundry Love on local communities continues to add up.

Did you know that our local Laundry Love projects provide over 3700 loads of clean laundry for about 3000 people each year, just in NWA? Laundry Love is a national initiative with projects all over the country.

And all that clean laundry is provided by volunteers and organizations who give of their time and resources. Thanks to the generous support from four local laundromats who open their doors, numerous volunteers and many organizations who fundraise and donate, Serve NWA’s local Laundry Love projects continue to serve the people in need around NWA.

To learn more about the local impact of this wonderful project, read The Arkansas Traveler article called Laundry Love Washes Clothes and Hearts.

Or, visit our Laundry Love page to learn more about the project.

Thanks for caring in NWA.