You could tell it is back to school time again. We had all the machines filled up by start time and already people were waiting for more washers to open up. When school is in session, the burden just increases more.

We were so excited to have Chandra from Mia Bella Salon come and provide haircuts for the kids. Chandra has been a big part of another Cobblestone initiative called Shear Kindness. The goal of Shear Kindness is to provide a professional haircut to people in the community to help in the restoration of dignity and respect. You should have seen how excited the kids were to get their haircut, it was awesome! They couldn’t wait to show it off to their family and friends. We asked Chandra throughout the night if she wanted to take a break, but she just wanted to serve those kids and provide as many haircuts as she could. In a couple of hours, Chandra gave about 12 kids an awesome haircut and a big smile!

Our friends from First National Bank of Rogers brought their grill and cooked up a fitting end of summer feast of hamburgers and hot dogs. After dinner, they continued to serve and build relationships. What an awesome group of people!  We will be running over and talking with them in the next few days to really find out what motivates this incredible team to serve their community….more coming soon.

The night was ever more so humbling, as it was the beginning of the Labor Day weekend. For many of us, this is a time to relax and celebrate the extra time off from our jobs. For many of those at LLP it is quite a different story. Some of the guests have full time jobs but can’t afford to take a day off. Others can only find work here or there or not at all. One of our regular guests just had her 3rd baby a few weeks before and asked if we knew if there were any businesses hiring. It breaks your heart to know that she doesn’t have the luxury of maternity leave to enjoy those first few months with her new baby.

Thank you to all the volunteers, Chandra and FNB Rogers. Hopefully one day we’ll show up and the laundrymat will be empty. Until then, see you next month.

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