It is hard to believe that we are already into our 6th month of Rogers LLP.  What an amazing time it has been!

If you have never attended an LLP, imagine this…comparing the washers we use to do your average load at home machine, we have done approximately 1,800 loads of laundry and served well over 300 people. That is the amazing side of the story!

Here is the challenge.  For the first time in our history we met our limit and had to put up our full signs.

The need is huge, growing by the month, and our hearts ache for those who yearn for the diginity clean clothes can provide.

Some of those we served included Monica who has been searching for work for months for she and her husband. There was Ana who asked if she could take the leftover spaghetti served to her six children waiting at home.

Michelle returned with her husband who was finally able to make from Minnesota to reunite their family. New faces and old, all with a story to tell. It was a great night visiting with these women and many more.

The Primm’s Community Group provided a great dinner of spaghetti.

And, after a request for personal care items, the First National Bank of Rogers provided each of our guests with a goody bag with your basic necessities!

The best way I can describe our amazing helpers (and that includes Well’s in the photo below) is this…”people lovingly getting their hands dirty, so that others might feel clean.”  An incredible example of people also pointing to larger truths.

So, what’s to come?  Good question. We will continue to serve with a compassionate heart, and open hand until the needs have been met.

Until that day, we’ll be there the first friday of the month.

for more information on how to get involved in Rogers Laundry Love Project, contact Josh ( | for details.

Needs include people lovers, meal providers, quarter collectors, machine stuffers, etc.