May’s Laundry Love was exciting to say the least. With huge thunder storms rolling in, and tornado warnings over our area it got a little crazy! As usual, we had all machines full and going by the start time. This was a problem when the power went out and messed the cycle of the washers up. Mechanics had to be called to get everything up and running again.

Lucky for us Catfish John’s had provided dinner. So, as the rain poured, winds blew, and power flickered our clients and volunteers were able to enjoy a great meal and the company of one another.

Two specific clients stand out. One a woman who had fallen on hard times and had heard of us at the Samaritan House. She said her washer had broken, and she didn’t have the funds to repair it. She had been wondering what to do, because her clothes were beginning to smell like mildew. She was so thankful for the chance to have clean clothes and linen again. Another woman who has been with us since February donated a bottle of detergent and fabric sheets so we could continue to help others as we’ve helped her. That was amazing!

A need that was brought to our attention was personal toiletries. We had passed out basic essentials in March, and we now have families asking if we have those items again. So our team will try to start collecting those again.

We are continually amazed by the need, and so thankful for the opportunity to serve. So, until the day the battle of poverty is won, we’ll see you next month.