Serve NWA is working with community leaders, faith leaders, business owners, concerned citizens, educational institutions, and local elected leaders who are actively pursuing a solution to the growing homeless problem in Fayetteville.

The “New Beginnings Community” initiative is designed to be a self-managed community of low-cost Bridge Housing community for people in need of shelter.

Watch the 20 minute documentary film exploring causes and solutions to homelessness in Northwest Arkansas.


Serve NWA is seeking to improve conditions of unsheltered homeless people living in Fayetteville.  The conditions that the majority of homeless persons living outside experience are unsanitary, unsafe, unsupported, and uncontrolled – creating both public health and safety hazards. This working group believes we have a solution that could immediately improve their living conditions and enrich many lives in the process. 

These communities, now sprouting up across the United States like SquareOne Villages in Eugene, Oregon, have been shown to have a lasting effect on addressing the complex emergency shelter needs of the homeless population. By providing shelter to our most vulnerable neighbors, we would be able to help them enter a pathway toward receiving comprehensive case management while addressing the root causes of their homeless circumstance.

This is a “Housing First” approach to quickly and successfully connect individuals and families experiencing homelessness to permanent housing without preconditions and barriers to entry, such as sobriety, treatment or service participation requirements.  Once individuals are in safe, secure, and clean environments, we will work with community partners to provide the appropriate services to work toward permanent housing solutions.

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A growing number of towns and cities across the U.S. have found a practical solution to homelessness through the construction of micro-shelter communities.  Today these solutions are being proven effective initiatives to provide a housing first solution that will transition persons into permanent, stable housing solutions.  

Northwest Arkansas Community Partners

Thank you to the incredible Northwest Arkansas Community partners who are investing, advocating, and working to bring the New Beginnings Community to life.

Leslie Tabor

How you can Support New Beginnings

Currently, the New Beginnings Community Initiative is in the pre-construction phase.  We are working towards a Fall 2019 opening (before winter comes back to Northwest Arkansas).  Once New Beginnings Community nears opening we will have many volunteer opportunities for everyone in our community.  Until that point, financial donations are the best way to support this initiative.

Updates & Events

New Beginnings October 2019 Update

New Beginnings October 2019 Update

New Beginnings Community October 2019 Update Special Update from Aaron Marshall Thank you for your support of the New Beginnings Community. We are truly grateful. Your financial support has taken us so far, and now we are almost ready to break...

Serve NWA Laundry Love Initiative Enters 10th Year

Serve NWA Laundry Love Initiative Enters 10th Year

NORTHWEST ARKANSAS (Fox 24) - A Northwest Arkansas organization is working to make sure all families have clean clothes. Serve NWA is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Laundry Love initiative. The organization has offered laundry love to...

A Shelter First

A Shelter First

A Shelter First(by Bryan Pollard and Taylor Strickland)A Shelter First, a 20-minute documentary about homelessness in Fayetteville, Arkansas depicts the homeless crisis hidden in the woods of South Fayetteville, and the possibility of an innovative...

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