“go and do likewise”

Following the example of the Good Samaritan, Laundry Love opens the door to “go and do likewise”…to stop, show mercy, and care for those who might otherwise be passed by.

Here are a few stories of people in need who were not passed by.

One weekend, Vicky happened to walk into the laundromat on a Laundry Love day. While washing her clothes, she shared her story. Her propane tank had sat empty for nearly a year because she couldn’t afford to have it filled. She and her husband did what they could to stay warm in their trailer where they lived.

Unable to ignore such an unmet need, a group of individuals pulled together to fill her propane tank and give her heat for the winter. She was not only thankful to have heat, but she was even more delighted to learn that she could cook on her stove and oven, again.

On another Laundry Love Saturday, a young teenage girl came into the laundromat.

While waiting for her clothes to dry she shared her story about how her father kicked her out of their apartment when she found out she was pregnant. Scared and not sure what the future held, someone took her by the hand and walked with her through her journey of becoming a young mother.

She was connected with a resource in the community called Family Network who helped provide her with prenatal care, guidance on becoming a mother, and support in finishing school.

The birth of her healthy baby boy was celebrated and she continues to visit the laundromat.

Last month, I got a phone call Friday night before a Laundry Love Saturday from a woman saying she heard about free laundry, but she didn’t have a car and needed a ride to the laundromat. Upon meeting her, I couldn’t help but be jolted by the stark contrast in our lives. However, upon our time spent together while her clothes were washing I realized the overwhelming commonalities between us and my eyes were opened to see her as another young woman struggling with relationships in her life and trying to be a good mom. Before parting, we prayed together and she said, “At least now I know there’s someone I can talk to who understands.”

These stories are just a few examples of how Laundry Love is being used to open up doors that allow us to impact lives by share love and hope with other

If you would like to be involved in serving the under-resourced in NW Arkansas by serving at Laundry Love, please visit the Laundry Love initiative page or send an email to llp@cobblestoneproject.org

Laundry Love was created by Just One.  Please visit Just One Laundry Love website to find a laundry love near you.