Over the past few months many incredible people from NW Arkansas have been a part of Haiti relief efforts. It has been incredible to see the local response to the unimaginable needs in Haiti, but we know this community is incredible.  Those efforts in Haiti are making an impact as they partner with some incredible organizations with operations on the ground in Haiti. The resolve of these organizations in the face of incredible difficulty is truly inspiring.

One thing is common to all the relief efforts in Haiti, they must be incredibly effective, effecient & sustainable.

It is with this goal that a collaboration of local churches (who are currently involved in different Haiti relief operations) and members of the Cobblestone Project are hosting a forum to discuss future opportunities to develop long-term sustainable relief for the people of Haiti.

Keypoint Church, First Baptist Church of Rogers, Fellowship Bible and the Cobblestone Project would like to invite you to attend a Haiti Relief Collaboration Meeting to share past succesess, discuss potential future opportunities and hear from the organizations who are directing the relief efforts on the ground in Haiti.

We are lucky to have Criag Miller of Thirst No More and Chris Marlow of Help End Local Poverty in NW Arkansas to be a part of this forum.  Both organizations will have the opportunity to share their current work in Haiti, discuss collaborative relief opportunities and try to solidify future plans.

There are opportunities for medical personnel, construction workers, families, people who can love and care for the Orphan, serve meals, carry bags and play ball with the children.

We hope you can join the discussion about how NW Arkansas can serve the people of Haiti with the greatest impact.

And, if you’re curious just how incredible the people are who are moving these relief efforts foward are, here’s just one example…

Thirst No More


(click here to download a flier)

More info available by contacting Jacob@CobblestoneProject.