I am obsessed. This is my confession. I am obsessed with stories. I don’t like to read books, I don’t like to read the newspaper…but I love stories.

Behind every person there is a story, a journey. A journey filled with love, joy, pain, suffering and sorrow, trials they have overcome and battles being fought. I love catching a glimpse into someone’s past, present and where they are headed.

3 Bags strives to be about relationships and engaging in those stories. More often than not, in that moment, a listening ear and kind words far outweigh the blessing of a bag. Yes, later the bags come in handy. But we scoop up any chance we receive to listen to a story in that very moment.

To be let in on someone’s past is like being invited into a secret club. The members of the club understand what’s going on and what’s happening. To the outside…the “secret” club looks normal and like all the other clubs…but there is so much more to it.

To be let in on people’s heart-wrenching past is a hard, but beautiful thing. I love knowing what got them here…in this moment…in their current situation. I love knowing about their family, their kids, their passions, their hobbies, if they like sleeping outside, what do they think when they wake up in the morning, what keeps them going, what discourages them…etc.

I think that this is one of the reasons I am so passionate about what we do. We get “invited” in to the “secret club.” Once we really are in, we tend to quickly find out that the club isn’t exclusive whatsoever…there just isn’t a line of people wanting to come inside and join in their journey.

Who will be the next one to step into line? You? Me? Us?

Seeking engagers and encouragers of the broken and beaten-down,