It was an incredible weekend as Rogers neighborhoods The Manors, Highland Knolls and Hearthstone came together to donate over 1,000+ lbs the meet the food needs at the Samaritan Community Center!
Huge thanks to the volunteers that pulled it all together and to the generous hearts of the residents of these neighborhoods. What a HUGE difference they made!

Volunteers for the Manors and Highland Knolls (600 lbs of Food Donated)

Alicia Brooks
Danny Burdess and his son
Chris Morris and his son
Greg and Amy Primm and their two girls
Dana Russell and her daughter and friend
Matt and Lynne Sitton and their two children
Steve and Desiree Weber and our three children

Volunteers from Hearthstone (550 lbs of Food Donated)

Tiffany Box
Shelley and Jason Beaudoin
Damon and Gretchen Keith
Heather and Steve Findlay
Patrick McCroy and Family
Josh and Jennifer Arkins and Family

Hearthstone Video

All donations were delivered to the Samaritan Community Center in Rogers