We are excited & thankful to one NW Arkansas family that is issuing a Christmas Challenge to help support the Our Step program and provide homes for those without.

What is Our Step?

Our Step is a collaborative housing initiative started by Seven Hills Homeless Shelter, Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter, Samaritan Community Center and the Cobblestone Project to provide people and families assistance in breaking the cycle of homelessness and domestic violence by eliminating the initial costs to secure affordable housing.

What is challenge?  Watch their story & find out how you can help.

Here’s how it works…

  • For every dollar donated to the Our Step program (up to $10,000) and matching amount will be donated.  For example, if you donate $50, a matching $50 will be donated for a total of $100.
  • If the full challenge is met, a total of $20,000 would be donated to the Our Step program.
    • $20,000 would provide funding to place a minimum of approx. 20 people (individuals & families w/children) into affordable housing.
  • Challenge ends on Dec 31, 2009.
  • There are two ways to participate financially in this challenge
  • On January 1st, we will announce the total amount raised in this challenge.

For more information…

  • Visit the Our Step initiative page
  • Send an email to OurStep@CobblestoneProject.org

Thanks so much and off we go…