Thanks to Thirst No More & Calvary Baptist Church of Joplin, Northwest Arkansas is receiving the benefit of overflowing donations that had been sent to Joplin immediately after the tornado.
Craig Miller, Executive Director of Thirst No More & Disaster Relief Coordinator for Calvary Baptist Church in Joplin, contacted Cobblestone Project last week to ask if we could help direct some overflowing donations they had received and could not find a place for in Joplin.

Brad Melton took at flatbed trailer to Calvary Baptist and receive two pallets of baby formula that was delivered to Samaritan Community Center in Rogers as a temporary distribution point for Northwest Arkansas.

Shannon Green, Samaritan Community Center Market Coordinator, contacted Teen Action & Support Center, Loving Choices, and the Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter to see if they want to come collect any of it.

After this initial distribution, Thirst No More & Brad Melton also helped to coordinate a delivery of diapers, water, toothbrushes, and more formula to local Northwest Arkansas agencies.

Again, huge thanks to Thirst No More & they have done for both Joplin and Northwest Arkansas.