Serving with Northwest Arkansas to create pathways out of homelessness and poverty.

Serve Northwest Arkansas

We believe every person in our community deserves the opportunity to flourish.  Serve Northwest Arkansas is working with our community to create solutions out of homelessness and poverty through transitional housing and dignity centered community care initiatives.

New Beginnings Community

A Bridge Housing Initiative


Serve Northwest Arkansas is working with community leaders, faith leaders, business owners, concerned citizens, educational institutions, and local elected leaders who are actively pursuing a solution to the growing homeless problem in Fayetteville.

The Serve Northwest Arkansas “New Beginnings Community” initiative is designed to be a self-managed community of low-cost micro-shelters for people in need of shelter while they begin (or continue) case management programs to find more permanent solutions toward stable housing.

A Human Dignity Initiative

Laundry Love seeks to bring economic relief by giving the individual or family the option to redirect funds that would have been spent on laundry toward food, medical, gas or transportation costs as well as school supplies and other basic, everyday necessities.

We serve a large community of homeless individuals through Laundry Love.

A Human Flourishing Initiative

Art in the Park gives the gift of creativity and self-expression while providing a community to create and serve with.

Through creating together, providing meals, and engaging in relationships this initiative is the perfect way to engage with others in our community.

How you can help

Serve Northwest Arkansas believes every person in our community deserves the opportunity to flourish.  We are working with our community to create solutions to poverty and homelessness through two focused initiative areas of transitional housing and community care.


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“If I had clean clothes, people would treat me like a human being.”

– T-Bone (Eric), Co-Founder

Updates & Events

A Shelter First

A Shelter First

A Shelter First(by Bryan Pollard and Taylor Strickland)A Shelter First, a 20-minute documentary about homelessness in Fayetteville, Arkansas depicts the homeless crisis hidden in the woods of South Fayetteville, and the possibility of an innovative...

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New Beginnings Initiative Update

New Beginnings Initiative Update

UPDATE The Serve Northwest Arkansas Board of Directors has received notice that the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees has approved the sale of 4.69 acres of land located at South 19th Street in Fayetteville to Serve Northwest Arkansas (a...

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Introducing Serve Northwest Arkansas

Introducing Serve Northwest Arkansas

Serve NWA has emerged from the deep roots of serving Northwest Arkansas through the Cobblestone Project story. Since 2008, the vision and mission of the Cobblestone Project has been to serve our Northwest Arkansas community through tangible...

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