…it was another great day at Restoration VillageChildren’s Advocacy Center.

the thunder of those bikes signaled that fast approaching company that was lending a helping hand as we were joined by the “Bikers Against Child Abuse“.  What an incredible crew that was united by the desire to make sure that “No Child Should Live in Fear.”

We took a few pictures to share…

After all had settled and the leaves were gathered in nice, neat piles…we heard the voices of children.  Children who knew what piles of leaves were for.

…and if the entire day’s work was done just to make a pile of leaves for the children to jump into, that was a great day.

We did have an unexpected surprise because as we were pulling out, the gathering & distribution team from The Garden initiative rolled in with couple hundred pounds of food.  I had the chance to grab a few minutes with Tyler Steele to hear about what he was up to that day and all the places they had visited.

Can’t express how incredible it was to see Tyler’s truck roll in and see that food (free food) go right to those who can use it to save a lot of money that is now able to be spent on the pursuit of their vision & mission…ending Child Abuse and provide a safe place for women & children during a crisis.

Not sure it get’s much bettter than this.  We’ll be back the second Saturday of December and you’re welcome to come an join in the fun.  You’re even welcome to jump into the leaves.

…to find out more about point8 activities or The Garden, please visit the initiative pages.