As the 3B2D team, we typically don’t send a lot of supplies overseas or anything like that. We have a few times, and have loved it. The times that we have have been awesome, but we are so in love with our supplies staying here too. It’s been one of those things where you make a list and write the pros and cons of both and you struggle with it and debate, and eventually have to make some kind of decision. To send supplies or keep it here?

All this to say, groups ask us for bags quite frequently. We have to put it into perspective of what is realistic, what is dreaming, what is hoping, what is possible, what is pushing ourselves and our supporters a little further than we thought possible…what is a healthy growth…etc.

The opportunity to send bags to Tibet came up last week. A friend of mine is going back this week..he has been a few times over the summers and has an incredible heart for the people he meets and shares true love and life with. He called and asked if him taking some bags to Tibet this week would be realistic. We didn’t post much about it or anything until last night, we wanted to make sure that it panned out and that it would be able to happen!

IT DID! We packed a tub of “family” oriented bags, complete with various hygiene items for men, women and kiddos. This is one of my favorite round of bags so far! They are being loaded up TODAY and will be in Tibet with a team from Tulsa within the next few days! Oh how exciting to know that a small round of bags will be in a village in Tibet. The images are running through our minds!

A year and a half ago…this wasn’t even a dream in our minds…and now, it’s a reality.  I can never say thank you enough to the people who push us towards something better than ourselves and those who are constant encouragments, accountability, and love.


For NWA, Haiti, Ethiopia and….Tibet,