With the temperatures in the the 70’s and 80’s the past two weeks, we can officially say Fall is here. We hope you and your family are in enjoying this weather as much as we are. With the cool nights, we are getting excited for our Fall Harvest Party in late October.
The Farm is beginning to come back to life, and the produce is looking great. The broccoli, cabbage, radishes, spinach, and bak choy is coming in nicely, and in just a few short weeks will begin harvesting.

A few weeks ago, we were able to give away our entire harvest for the week to our Hunger Relief Efforts. Local organizations such as Restoration villageSAMCC Cafe, and Central United Methodist received produce.

We are extremely grateful for the groups and organizations who continue to dedicate their time to The Farm. One of these groups from Cross Church– Fayetteville has been a huge support for our Saturday Planting & Maintenance Day.

Even when the weather was not great, they were there ready to participate in whatever was needed. We are reminded, with groups like these, how wonderful our community really is.

We love the energy groups like these bring to what we are doing. They continue to have a great attitude no matter the circumstance, and a little fun as well!

To date, we have harvested 6,174 pounds of produce. Of that, we have given away 2,791 pounds to our Hunger Relief Efforts. This would not be possible without the great community of Northwest Arkansas. We are extremely grateful for each of you!

For more information on The Farm or how you can become involved, please visit The Farm website or email TheFarm@CobblestoneProject.org